Annual Meeting

Thomas G. Orr Memorial Lectureship

Dr. Thomas G. Orr was a General Surgeon in Kansas. He trained at University of Missouri and Johns Hopkins University, completed internships at Hudson Street Hospital and St. Mary’s. He served as the Chairman of the Department of Surgery at University of Kansas, and served as a Captain and a Major in World War I. Dr. Thomas Orr was a Founding Member of the American Board of Surgery, as well as Southwestern Surgical Congress, where he served as our second President. Patients and colleagues remember him as someone who always had time to talk and listen.


Orr Lecturer

2024 Peter A. Cole MD, FAOA
2023 Jo Buyske MD
2022 Krista L. Kaups MD, MSc
2021 Laura J. Moore MD
2020 No Lecture
2019 Debate: Cindy B. Matsen MD | Colleen D. Murphy MD
2018 Kenric Murayama MD
2017 S. Rob Todd MD
2016 Donald Lesslie MD
2015 Raul S. Coimbra MD, PhD
2014 Daniel R. Margulies MD
2013 Alicia Mangram MD
2012 David Mercer MD
2011 John Potts, III MD
2010 Barbara Lee Bass MD
2009 Mark A. Talamini MD
2008 Shuvo Roy, PhD
2007 Byers W. Shaw MD
2006 Thomas Weber MD
2005 Nathaniel Soper MD
2004 Alan Thorson MD
2003 Keith Lillemoe MD
2002 Richard J. Andrassy MD
2001 Russell G. Postier MD
2000 H. Harlan Stone MD
1999 Frederick A. Moore MD
1998 Alden H. Harken MD
1997 Nicholas P. Lang MD
1996 Ernest E. Moore, Jr. MD
1995 Frederick L. Grover MD
1994 C. James Carrico MD
1993 Keith Reemtsma MD
1992 Donald E. Fry MD
1991 Alex G. Little MD
1990 Charles M. Balch MD
1989 Tom R. DeMeester MD
1988 Laurence Y. Cheung MD
1987 W. Sterling Edwards MD
1986 Ronald C. Jones MD
1985 Layton F. Rikkers MD
1984 Samuel A. Wells, Jr. MD
1983 G. Rainey Williams MD
1982 Arlo S. Hermreck MD
1981 Arthur C. Beall, Jr. MD
1980 W. Gerald Rainer MD
1979 Norman M. Rich MD
1978 Howard T. Robertson MD
1977 Gilbert S. Campbell MD
1976 Denton A. Cooley MD
1975 William R. Waddell MD
1974 Eugene M. Brickner MD
1973 Erie E. Peacock MD
1972 C. Frederick Kittle MD
1971 Merlin K. DuVal MD
1970 Kenneth C. Sawyer MD
1969 Philip B. Price MD
1968 Stanley R. Friesen MD
1967 Edgar J. Poth MD
1966 Michael E. DeBakey MD