Annual Meeting

Edgar J. Poth Memorial Lectureship

Dr. Edgar J. Poth was a surgeon in Galveston, Texas. He trained at the University of Texas. He obtained a PhD in Chemistry at the University of California, and while he was an instructor of Pharmacology at Johns Hopkins University, he completed his medical degree by 1931. Dr. Poth completed his postgraduate training at Stanford, and stayed on faculty at Stanford, and also had other faculty appointments at Johns Hopkins and the University of Arkansas. He was a faculty member at UT Galveston for over 40 years, and served as Director of Surgical Research. He wrote over 160 scientific papers. He was ahead of his time with great interest in the management of bacterial growth associated with surgical disease. Dr. Poth served as the 15th president of the Southwestern Surgical Association, and is remembered for his clinical excellence, and his drive to plan for the future.


Poth Lecturer

2024 Annika Kay PA-C
2023 Anees Chagpar MD, MSc, MPH, MA, MBA
2022 Thomas Schroeppel MD, MS
2021 Michael S. Truitt MD
2020 No Lecture
2019 Debate: Alexander Raines MD | Sean J. Langenfeld MD
2018 Walter L. Biffl MD
2017 Christine Cocanour MD
2016 David Mercer MD
2015 J. Patrick Walker MD
2014 Peter Angelos MD, PhD
2013 R. Stephen Smith MD
2012 Clay Cothren Burlew MD
2011 Anees Chagpar MD
2010 Alden D. Harken MD
2009 Karen R. Borman MD
2008 Kenric Murayama MD
2007 Edward W. Nelson MD
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1999 James A. Edney MD
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1995 Jon S. Thompson MD
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1992 Jon M. Burch MD
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