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Claude H. Organ, Jr. Memorial Lectureship

Dr. Claude H. Organ attended Xavier University, and completed his medical degree and Residency at Creighton. He remained on the Faculty at Creighton, becoming Chairman of the Department of Surgery in 1971. Dr. Organ is credited for developing two Surgical Residency programs, one at Creighton and the other at University of California, Davis. He established the University of California San Francisco East Bay Surgery Department, and was the Department Chair from 1989 – 2003. He also served as Editor of Archives of Surgery for 15 years. He has over 200 published articles. Dr. Organ served as Chairman of the American Board of Surgery, and was given the Distinguished Service Award from the American College of Surgeons, where he later served as President. He is a founding member of the Society of Black Academic Surgeons, and championed minorities and women in surgical training. His named lecture at the Southwestern Surgical Congress began in 1996. Dr. Organ served as the Southwestern Surgical Congress as our 37th President, and will be remembered for his ability to listen, agile mind and strong moral compass.


Organ Lecturer

2024 Raul Coimbra MD, PhD
2023 Christian de Virgilio MD
2022 Sean Langenfeld MD
2021 Alicia Mangram MD
2020 No Lecture
2019 Debate: James M Haan MD | Dennis Y. Kim MD
2018 Gregory J. Jurkovich MD
2017 John Moore MD
2016 Terry C. Lairmore MD
2015 Roxie M. Albrecht MD
2014 Shanu N. Kothari MD
2013 Kelly McMasters MD
2012 Eugene Foley MD
2011 Ronald M. Stewart MD
2010 Ernest E. Moore MD
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2008 Dmitry Oleynikov MD
2007 Glen D. Warden MD
2006 John Hanks MD
2005 Sean J. Mulvihill MD
2004 Philip Schauer MD
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2002 Douglas S. Reintgen MD
2001 John B. Cone MD
2000 F. Charles Brunicardi MD
1999 Hiram C. Polk, Jr. MD
1998 Samuel A. Wells, Jr. MD
1997 LaSalle D. Leffall, Jr. MD
1996 V. Suzanne Klimberg MD