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Members of The Southwestern Surgical Congress have banded together to become a major voice in the industry and to provide information and education to general surgeons, to set high standards of care and to provide cost-conscious service to patients. Read more about Member Benefits

SWSC Membership Types

Active Fellow – $295.00
Active Fellowship may be conferred upon physicians who have been actively engaged in the practice of surgery for at least one year following the completion of an ACGME-accredited surgical training program, who are of good moral character and professional standing, duly licensed and who are certified by the appropriate specialty Member Board of the American Board of Medical Specialties or the American Osteopathic Association.

Senior Fellow w/The American Journal of Surgery – $100.00 OR
Senior Fellow (not including The American Journal of Surgery) – $55.00

An Active Fellow in good standing who has attained the age of 65 years and remains in active practice or an Active Fellow in good standing who has retired from practice regardless of reason or age may be granted Senior Fellowship. Senior Fellows may receive the official Journal upon payment of the member’s subscription fee.

Senior Fellow for Life
Senior Fellow for Life status may be conferred by the Council upon surgeons who have retired from active practice and have held Senior Fellow membership status for at least one year. This status is intended for surgeons who wish to retire completely from the association but remain listed in the membership directory.

Applicant (covers first year of dues {$295.00} and initiation fee {$110.00}) – $405.00
To become a candidate for Fellowship, complete the membership application provided by The Congress. The initiation fee is limited to application for active fellowship.

Online Fellowship Application

Associate Fellow – $60.00
Associate Fellowship may be conferred upon physicians who are at any level of an ACGME-accredited surgical training program, who are of good moral character and professional standing and are duly licensed, including a training institutional license. Associate Fellowship will be limited to the time period required for successful completion of residency, board certification and one year of practice, at which time the Associate Fellow is eligible for Active Fellowship, Active Fellow registration fees will be applicable to the Associate Fellows for the Annual Scientific Meeting. Associate Fellows will be entitled to the same privileges as Active Fellows except the privileges of voting and holding office. Associate Fellows will pay no initiation fee but will pay a reduced membership fee as set by the Council and meeting registration fees as set for Active Fellows. Associate Fellows who apply for Active Fellowship will have the initiation fee waived and pay the standard membership dues at that time.

Online Associate Application

Advanced Practice Clinician – $60.00
Membership shall be offered to Nurse Practitioners, Physician’s Assistants, and Advanced Practice Nurses. Advanced practice clinician members will have a representative on the Executive Council who is appointed by the president and will have full voting privileges in matters of the Council. APC members will not have general voting privileges and are excluded from holding office, but will receive the journal and other benefits of membership once annual dues have been paid.

Online APC Application