The Lowry Fund

Donations made to the Lowry Fund of the SWSC Foundation are tax deductible. The funds collected will be used for the annual Lowry Award (best paper by a new member), Lowry Fund Resident Travel Award, educational grants for medical students and residents, and other initiatives to be supported and defined by the Southwestern Surgical Congress.

The Lowry Award

This award honors Nonie Lowry, past SWSC Director, for her strength, professionalism, and dedication to the Southwestern Surgical Congress.
Eligibility: New Member within first 2 years of membership
Application: Must be included during abstract submission process
Award: $500

SWSC 2018 Lowry Fund Resident Travel Award

SWSC prides itself in offering Residents opportunities to participate in the meeting and as Associate Members of the Congress. The collegial atmosphere provides an inclusive environment for Residents to engage and gain experience at a clinical meeting.
Eligibility: Open to all Residents (need not be a member to apply)
Application: The application must be completed online and includes a letter of intent, letter of support and CV. Deadline is in December each year – watch website in the fall for details
Award: $500 and complimentary meeting registration

Donation levels are based on lifetime giving through March 15, 2018


John Potts, III

ORR LEVEL ($2500 – $4999)
Clay Burlew
Daniel Margulies
S. Rob Todd

STARRY LEVEL ($1000-$2499)
Roxie Albrecht
David Antonenko
James Chandler
Ernest Dunn
G. Edward Kimm, Jr.
Michael Lowry
Robert McIntyre
Kenric Murayama
Robert Sticca
Jon Thompson
Alan Thorson

DEBAKEY LEVEL ($500-$999)
Sharmila Dissanaike
Brian Eastridge
James Edney
Sarah Judkins
Shanu Kothari
Alicia Mangram
Kelly McMasters
Laura Moore
Bryan Morse
John Myers
Dmitry Oleynikov
Bartley Pickron
Chris Raeburn
Justin Regner
Robert Sticca
Michael Truitt
Thomas White

GOOD LEVEL ($250-$499)
Walter Biffl
Paul Bjordahl
Karen Borman
Eric Campion
Mark Cohen
Daniel Dent
LP etc
Rudy Lackner
Jeffrey Lee
Lillian Liao
Marjorie Malia
Joshua Mammen
Anne Mancino
Nicolas Melo
John Moore
Tim & Holly Nelson
Lindsay O’Meara
David Partrick
David Plurad
Courtney Scaife
Sara Smith
Gail Tominaga
Daniel Vargo
Derek Wall

PRICE LEVEL (up to $250)
David Adams
Maria Allo
Wayne Anderson
Juliane Bingener
Christine Cocanour
Millard Davis
Christian deVirgilio
Stacy Dougherty
Richard Frazee
William Fry
Matthew Goldblatt
Brandon Grover
Sara Hartsaw
Susan Jackson
Randeep Jawa
Edward Jones
Teresa Jones
Jeffry Kashuk
Krista Kaups
Stanley Klein
Sean Langenfeld
Peter Lopez
Melanie Lyden
Ernest Moore
Paul Nelson
Brian Palafox
Barbara Pockaj
Basil Pruitt
Marc Rogers
Stephen Shapiro
John Scherck
Ronald Sing
Gus Slotman
John Smith
R Stephen Smith
Harl Stump
Randolph Szlabick
Gary Timmerman
Deidre Wyrick